The implementation of V2P in Enugu Agu-Achi community has encouraged collective action for community development and also helped to address the communication gap between community members. This was made possible by creating platforms such as the Community-Based Monitoring Groups (CBMG) and GEADOR groups facilitated by V2P partner, JDPC Enugu. These platforms ensure that all groups within the community are represented and play active roles in issues concerning community development.

The platforms have also been used to train community members on the role of citizens in governance and development which includes project monitoring. This has significantly increased the chances for collective action for development and shared understanding of actions to take to drive development.

“Through V2P, my people have come to realize the need for community project monitoring and are now taking the lead. The results are not far-fetched and have led to increased knowledge and zeal for monitoring by CBMG and the community at large.  The last time I visited Ujiri Health Centre, I discovered a change in the attitude of the nurses; they now come to work early and in their uniform too. This is thanks to their realization that the community members are interested in how they discharge their duties and are paying attention and asking critical questions,” says Mr Onyenyiri Marius, a member of the Igwe’s Cabinet.

V2P project has increased the knowledge and information of Enugu Agu-Achi community members in decision making which has led to a change in attitude and increased confidence of the people of demand and ensure improved service delivery which is key to the project. Also, fostering collective action towards issues of community development and encouraging community representation during decision making will result in sustainable development which the project seeks to achieve.

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