8TH MARCH, 2015

Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity: Making it Happen
Anambra State, Nigeria – March 08 2015 – Every year, the 8th of March is marked as the International Women’s Day around the world. The day is set aside to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women and it reminds societies and individuals of the strides women have made in the society while celebrating how far women have come in the struggle for equality and fairness.

The Voice to the People project in Anambra state is committed to increasing the representation and participation of women in decision-making in the state as it strives to bring to an end the inequity that has existed in relation to women not only in Anambra state but in so many parts of the world. When women are empowered to be part of governance at different levels in the society, they are able to address the needs of women which are most often neglected in policy decisions and support to promote a holistic societal development. So far, the project has made strides to achieving this aim, some of these are:

•    Has supported 72 women in Anambra State to develop their confidence and skills to contest for and attain leadership positions at community, local and state levels, with 8 of these women being in formal leadership positions as at the last election.
•    22 women are being actively coached to contest in the next local government elections in the state.
•    The project has trained over 96 women, including young girls as Community Based Monitors which gives them a level of participation in community affairs, ensuring that the perspectives of women are taken into consideration
•    24 women in the Igwe’s cabinet in Umuoba-Anan and 3 in Nando community
•    Increased women’s participation in the electoral process as voters and election observers.
•    Supported the abolishment of harmful widowhood practices in 12 communities in Anambra state, while still working to ensure that this becomes a thing of the past

We join the rest of the world to celebrate women, we celebrate Anambra women for their hard work and relentlessness amidst the boundaries and limitations that they continually face and we call on all stakeholders in the State to join in calling for greater participation and representation of women in decision-making structures. These women are our mothers, our wives, our sisters and our daughters so we all have a part to play in making this happen!!!
About Voice to the People: Voice to the People (V2P) is a project designed to support vulnerable communities in Anambra State, Nigeria to take ownership of their own development by taking part in the decision-making that affects their lives. The programme runs in 12 of Anambra’s 21 LGAs.

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