Ahead of the presidential and National Assembly elections, V2P and the DFID-funded governance programme SAVI Anambra supported the Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) and socio-cultural group Oha-Na-Eze Ndi Igbo to organise forums so political aspirants could engage with their constituencies.

People with disabilities used these fora – held in three local government areas (LGAs) – to present their demands, including a quick passage of the Disability Bill and equal employment opportunities.

The events also created space for traditional rulers, presidents general and community members to discuss the post-election laws they would like.

The level of engagement showed how community members’ knowledge of their rights, confidence to be involved in their own development and willingness to play an active role in the electoral process is increasing.

Community-based monitors (CBMs) also monitored the distribution of permanent voters cards (PVCs). Augtine Agwuncha, a CBM in Utuh community, says: ‘PVCs are peoples’ power. We educate people on the importance of collecting them.’

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