The ‘Visit Every Community’ initiative of the Enugu state government, widely known as VEC seeks to promote participatory governance and budgeting in the state. In 2009, all 472 communities of the state were visited by the VEC directorate to gather information about community development needs which since then has informed budgeting and the execution of community development projects.

To validate the findings from this visit, and update the database of community needs, a process known as the VEC audit is conducted periodically by the state – the last one being in 2014. The VEC audit provides a platform for communities to contribute to the planning and budgeting process of the state by identifying their needs and making them known to the audit team.

The 2017 VEC audit is currently on-going in the state, and will be on till the 15th of May 2017. V2P leading other civil society groups to work with the VEC directorate to ensure that the process is participatory and inclusive of all groups, through the use of focus group discussions in communities. The VEC directorate has also for the first time involved civil society in the team for monitoring and support. It is left to communities to come out and engage in the process now.

We have developed a fact sheet about VEC, please read to know more about the process and how to engage VEC fact sheet


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