V2P is creating platforms for communities to dialogue, raise their voices and demand their entitled rights and services as well take part in the decision-making processes that affect them.

For the first time in Kinkinau and Down quarters, communities in Kaduna South local government area, traditional leaders, community development groups, women, men and people with disability came together to discuss their issues. In Kinkinau, a community leader Adamu Abdullahi (Garkuwan Kinkinau) said:

“We have a lot of issues in this community but we have not been able to come together to seek solutions to these problem. We believe with the coming of V2P, this will be possible”.

The community members lauded V2P intervention as timely considering the number of issues in the communities and the support they will receive in demanding improves delivery of services and responsiveness from the government.

Some of the issues identified by these communities were lack of good road networks, insufficient drugs at the Primary Healthcare Centre, lack of proper drainage system in the community (especially in Down Quarters) and the lack of water supply among others.

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