V2P strengthens the quality of its radio engagement as it forms a radio listeners group of 50 people drawn from various locations around Anambra State.

V2P has for the duration of the project used media in various ways as a strategy to lend its voice for social change in Anambra State. The weekly radio programme hosted by JDPC Onitsha is used as a platform to share information with a wide audience.

Through the programme, community members have interacted with local and state government officials on issues that affect their community development and have been able to receive information for engagement with the appropriate authorities.

“The radio programme has been a source of information. The electricity issue was discussed at a point, and we had the unit controller of Onitsha and Omagba zone of the power station present. They gave information about power and where people can make complaints. This was where the COMEN of Ihiala received information and then wrote to the Enugu Distribution Company about the repairs of their transformer” said Uche Madubuko of JDPC Onitsha.

The radio listeners group was therefore formed to ensure a participatory process that will continue to ensure that the needs of the people of the state are addressed by providing access to government as well as information.

50 listeners from across the state were selected including those outside V2P’s target communities. The group will meet every quarter to review and evaluate the programmes as well as identify crucial topics for the next quarter. The meeting provided an avenue to review past shows and to encourage participation and ensure that the information that is required reaches the people, the listeners group decided on the topics that should be discussed for the next quarter.

The radio programme is aired every Friday at 3.30pm on Radio Sapentia, 93.5FM and reaches neighbouring states including Enugu and Imo states.

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