This is the summary/analysis of the amendment Bill on LG autonomy so far across the Nation:

  • 33 House of Assemblies have already deliberated on the bill except Lagos, Rivers and Ekiti states that have not in anytime deliberated on the it.
  • 8 states voted YES, they are Benue, Plateau, Kwara, Ogun, cross River, Niger, Bayelsa and Bauchi
  • 2 states voted NO, they are Edo and Imo
  • 23 stepped it down for further consultation such as having public hearing and further debate before the final vote on it at their various Assemblies

Source: Technical committee of National Assembly and conference of Speakers Secretariat, Abuja. Compiled by the Nigerian Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) National Secretariat, Abuja

For this bill to get the presidential assent to becoming a law, 2/3 State Houses of Assembly (ie 24 states) must support this bill, at the moment we have just 1/3 of the needed support for the the bill. As active citizens who are concerned about grassroot development, we need to do everything within our power to ensure we get the 2/3 state Houses of Assembly to #VoteYesToLGAutonomy 

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