The engagements and activities of the V2P project with community members in Soba, Kaura and Kaduna North LGAs in Kaduna State, has presented them the opportunities to participate in several training, workshops, built their capacities and placed them in a better position to participate and engage with duty bearers. Within these communities, issues of marginalisation, equity in engagement along gender lines have become better; there is an increase in participation of women and girls in community affairs and decision making.  At the moment, these communities through participatory approaches have come up with their Demand Charters, in which they have articulated a host of issues affecting their communities. They are now taking this forward, using the demand charter as a tool for engagement with identified government agencies.

The changes witnessed in these LGAs, evidences that if more citizens and communities start engaging the government and are asking the right questions community development can occur, and at an accelerated pace. Thus, the need to scale up the project in Kaduna State; to give more opportunities to other marginalised communities who also face same challenges.

Giwa, Jaba and Chikun Local Government areas were selected for inclusion into project based on the Kaduna State Development Plan 2014-2018 which highlights the challenges facing the communities in the state.The community members lack the know-how to effectively engage on issues of infrastructural and manpower deficits in areas such as health, education and other basic amenities in their communities. There is also the absence of inclusion and participation in these communities, leading to poor organization and collective action among gender (owing to socio-cultural beliefs) that need to be addressed.

V2P will replicate its activities and approaches in these new communities; increasing their knowledge and access to government agencies, at the same time put in place sustainable structures that will continue these engagements even after the project. Up-scaling into these new LGAs would give voice to a more communities to become increasingly effective at influencing governments on selected service delivery and policy issues for more accountable, transparent government.

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