The work done by V2P CBMs and other active citizens in engaging direct service providers (DSPs) to meet the development needs of communities in Anambra State is having positive results.

Meetings with DSPs are now held regularly, with community members taking the lead. CBMs play a key role in ensuring DSPs are held accountable. Information gathered from monitoring projects and budgets in various sectors (including agriculture, works, water and sanitation, education, and health) forms the basis of reports made to DSPs during the meetings. The information can include the overall state of projects and the quality of services received in various places.

The meetings also provide an opportunity for DSPs to share challenges and speak with community members about their expectations. This has led to a better relationship with communities and a space to share ideas on the best ways to solve problems and deliver better services.

‘This has led to a better relationship with communities and a space to share ideas’

Idemili South, Isseke and Ihiala Community Empowerment Networks (COMEN) have all benefitted from this strategy at local and state levels. The transformers installed at Edeke and Igbahaocha villages – expected to bring electricity to more than 60 households – are among the achievements made possible through meetings with DSPs.

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