V2P partners from Kaduna embarked on a three-day visit to Anambra state as part of the efforts to replicate the successes of the project’s model in Kaduna. The project seeks to achieve sustainable development by facilitating community-driven demand for improved services, as well as institutionalise citizen-state engagements for accountability.

During the week, three communities were visited along with intensive and stimulating interactions with the three Anambra community-based partners who have solid years of experience in facilitating community-driven and sustainable development.

Kaduna based partners engaged in stimulating interactions with the Anambra based partners and community members to gain clearer perspectives of how success was achieved

Visiting Umueri community in Anambra East LGA, Ezenifite community in Nnewi South LGA and Awa community in Awka, the Kaduna partners gained clearer insights about the project in the state, and were exposed to some of the results achieved through the various interventions. Learning would not have been complete without the Kaduna based partners being exposed to the challenges and failures recorded in the course of implementation of V2P in Anambra as well as how these were tackled.

The learning and exchange visit provided an opportunity for the Kaduna based partners to ask burning questions about programme implementation and achieving success.

‘We wanted to know what strategies they [Anambra based partners] had used in breaking barriers to actualise the intentions of the project within their communities, especially with respect to the issue of carrying women along and getting state actors to key into the activities of the V2P project. Also important during the visit was the learning on how the project failed to yield results in some places,’ says Terfa Hemen, the Christian Aid Programme Officer based in Kaduna state.

One of the evidences of the success of the project that was visited was a hospital in Umueri where community members mobilised and got government to make the hospital more functional to attend to the needs of the community. The opportunity to collectively reflect on the sites visited and new findings helped the partners to put into perspective their learning in terms of how those will help them programme better in Kaduna State.

Umueri community engaged with the government to ensure that their hospital provided adequate and quality services

The visit also provided the opportunity to learn about the similarities that exist in both contexts. For instance the issue of marginalisation of women, the challenges young girls face in their communities were noticeable in Anambra as well.

In the end it was three days of effective learning and lessons sharing that have placed the Kaduna partners in a better position to carry out their activities as year two activities take off.

Kaduna partners: AID Foundation, Gender Awareness Trust (GAT), Legal Awareness for Nigerian Women (LEADS)

Anambra community-based partners: Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Awka, Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Nnewi and Justice Development and Peace Commission (JDPC) Onitsha


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