Nigeria held its fifth democratic presidential election on 28 and 29 March. V2P Programme Manager Temitope Fashola reflects on a historic weekend.

In the days leading up to what was undoubtedly the most keenly contested election in Nigeria’s history, the general public and politicians alike were fearful of pre- and post-election violence breaking out.

But it was, for many, the most peaceful election ever witnessed, even as history was made with the opposition defeating the ruling party for the first time. Both sides were magnanimous in victory
and defeat.

The successes of the election and post-election processes show that people have a better understanding of the process and greater engagement with the issues that matter.

In Anambra State, where the V2P project is being delivered, the results of civic and rights education, voter education, outreach activities, and the deployment of election observers certainly contributed to the peace and high voter turnout.

Before the elections, V2P partners supported communities to engage with representatives of the main political parties in order to make their needs known, ensuring that people had the right information and the confidence to make their choice on election day.

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