The Voice to the People (V2P) was implemented as a pilot project for two and a half years (July 2013- January 2016) in Anambra state with the aim of improving social, economic and political well-being, as well as better quality service delivery in the state. The project was implemented in 48 communities across 12 Local Government Areas (LGAs).

Through the period of intervention, the project recorded instances of community-driven development through the demand for their rights and accountability of the government. There was an increase in citizen-state engagements as citizens became more aware of their rights and roles, as well as the responsibilities of the government towards them. The project also recorded significant success in each of its four outputs which included:

  • Improved skills, organisation and confidence of marginalised groups to demand their rights.
  • Increase in representation and participation of women, girls and other marginalised groups in decision-making structures
  • Institutionalising citizen-state engagement
  • Sharing of lessons to increase linkages among Voice and Accountability programmes in Anambra state.

The end of the pilot phase of the project therefore provided an opportunity to holistically determine the effects of the project on the people as well as service delivery in the state, hence an independent end line evaluation was conducted. This evaluation covered broad areas, exploring how and to what extent collaborations and partnerships contributed or did not contribute to achieving the remarkable successes of the project. The emphasis on lessons learnt speaks to the issue of understanding what has and what has not worked as a guide for future planning of such programs.

The results of the evaluation show that significant changes were recorded with regards to changes in service delivery, community voice and government responsiveness to the needs of communities and marginalised groups, as well as the participation of women and adolescent girls in formal and informal decision making structures.

For more information about the changes that occurred as a result of the intervention, read Voice to the people in Anambra State- Status report

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