V2P has supported 64 young women to join the Idikacho – Women in Governance (I-WIG) platform, which strengthens leadership skills and prepares its members for political positions.

“I-WIG promotes the inclusion and participation of young women in community development, and empowers them to become leaders in both formal and informal structures. Young women are provided with training and information on good governance and leadership mentoring.
“The project has supported people like Blessing, the first female youth secretary of Amaezike village, Mgbakwu community. Blessing says she has actively engaged with her male counterparts on various issues. ‘V2P partners have helped communities embrace gender sensitivity’ She has not experienced harassment or intimidation from the young men, and has used her position to ensure more young women take part in meetings.
“To ensure girls’ inclusion, I start by making sure that girls are part of committees,’ she explains. ‘Recently, a fundraising committee was instituted and I made sure at least three girls were part of it.’ The work done by V2P partners to get communities to embrace gender sensitivity has created the enabling environment for Blessing to promote the inclusion of young women. Young women have also been encouraged to register to vote, ask questions about community governance and champion advocacy causes. In Umuoba Anam community, young women have led advocacy initiatives and initiated conversations around the harmful effects of early marriage.
“Through V2P, more than 300 young women have been supported to be more active citizens, by registering to vote during elections, monitoring community projects, listening to news and studying the provisions of the the Nigerian constitution.
“For more, please click V2P Newsletter issue 6


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